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Headquartered on California's beautiful Central Coast, Mender creates hemp CBD body and skincare for all humankind. 

We are proud to bring you the tried and true CBD products we use on the daily—from treating chronic pain as a result of years of living adventurously in our bodies to the peace of mind that comes from knowing the source of every ingredient we use in our skincare routine.

Our collections are developed under the guidance of natural skincare formulators using only fresh, clean ingredients. Each Mender product thoughtfully contains rich moisturizing oils, organic botanicals, plant-based ingredients, and the highest quality organic hemp CBD from one of 13 manufacturers to pass the stringent standards set forth for Certification by the US Hemp Authority. Our products are clean, potent, tested, and packaged in-house to ensure the highest quality safety—Mender CBD bodycare essentials perfect your daily self-care ritual.



Mender was founded in 2017 in San Luis Obispo, California, by April Cole Worley (pictured above left in Big Sur, below right at Mender HQ) to pay homage to the brilliant and versatile Cannabis Sativa plant. A creative agency veteran with a Master's Degree in Public Policy, April continues to lead the company. The Mender brand was brought to life by designer Ariel Rosso and current Mender Creative Director Jesse Mireles (pictured above right in Lake Tahoe)—whose talents range from award-winning wine brands to international agency work. In addition, stylist and retail display queen Chantal Provensen (below left) leads the Mender sales efforts.

Photo of Mender Pain Salve in the wild by Amanda Proudfit. Photo of Chantal and April by Kyla Skinner.