About us

We are here because we firmly believe in the intrinsic healing power of CBD and its other cannabinoid counterparts when paired with potent botanical ingredients. From hours upon hours of poring over academic studies from across the globe combined with our own personal journeys of healing using our CBD bodycare, we bring you our daily essential collection formulated for all humankind.

Headquartered on the beautiful Central Coast of California, our full spectrum hemp-extract CBD bodycare collection was developed by a versed Apothecary with a background in chemistry and years of experience developing products for her own natural skincare brand. Using only fresh, all-natural ingredients, each product thoughtfully contains rich organic essential oils, fresh botanicals, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and the highest quality full-spectrum pesticide-free hemp CBD from one of 13 companies to pass the stringent standards set forth for Certification by the US Hemp Authority. You can view our latest Certificates of Authentication here.

Zero phenoxyethanol, zero hydrogenated oils or processed waxes, zero isopropyl myristate or other propane derivatives that may cause inflammation, we formulate fresh bodycare to balance and mend the body.

From treating chronic pain as a result of years of living adventurously in our bodies, to the peace of mind that comes from knowing the source of every ingredient we are using on our children’s skin, we are proud to bring you the formulations we use on ourselves and our families.


And we are so thankful to be sharing it with you.



Mender is led by April Cole Worley, a creative agency veteran who studied Political Science at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo where she earned a Master’s Degree. Mender was brought to life by designer Ariel Rosso, and Mender Creative Director Jesse Mireles, whose talents range from award winning wine brands to international agency work. Our products were developed by Vanessa Pisias, an experienced natural skincare formulator. Meg Hollister is our product photographer and Annie Hock is our lifestyle photographer.