The Secret to Transitioning to a Natural CBD Deodorant

The Secret to Transitioning to a Natural CBD Deodorant
Ready to go au naturel?

I don’t need to convince you to make the switch to all-natural deodorant. You’re already there. It’s time to go au naturel, and you know it, but a small voice inside you is wondering, “Am I ready to smell au naturel?”

Natural deodorants are trending hard right now, but not all are created equal. My experience with natural deodorants ranges between red and rashy and wet and stinky. At the end of my noble experiment, I found myself staring into a trash can full of crystals and waxy tubes of what I can only describe as smelling “feral.” Soon I was back in the arm(pit)s of the creamy dry that my Cucumber Dove afforded me in no time—aluminum and all.

Burned Again

While working with the formulator, I asked if we had to use baking soda? “I’m allergic,” I said. “Very few people are allergic to baking soda,” she said and went on to explain that the itchy red circle rash many of us have experienced after using natural deodorants is not an allergic reaction. It is an alkaline burn.

Because most natural deodorants don’t add anything to balance the high pH of baking soda, the deodorant can burn the skin leaving round red rings under your arms. So we balance the pH in our deodorant by adding low-pH magnesium, so the deodorant fights odor while also being closer to our natural pH not to harm the skin.

Pretty Pits

The new Mender CBD deodorant smelled lovely—like chocolate and grapefruit. The texture is right—creamy, not waxy or overly glycerin-y. So I gave it a try and waited. And by ‘waited,’ I mean I applied a thin layer to my underarms and obsessively smelled inside my t-shirt every few hours waiting for that “Aha! See! I do stink!” moment. Or at the very least for the redness to pop up after a few days.

But those moments never came. And better yet, there was no “transition time” needed. I had heard rumors of a stink-laden “detox” period, and while I am sure this does occur for some, finding a natural deodorant that works can eliminate this funky phase.


Seek Balance

When shopping for a natural deodorant, the most important thing is to look closely at the ingredients. For example, stay away from baking soda-only deodorants that may burn the skin. Instead, look for magnesium or other natural pH balancers.

In addition, we add 10mg of organic full-spectrum CBD to the Mender Deodorant to aid in calming skin—plus, we synthesize endocannabinoids in our skin and hair follicles to help support overall skin health.

Diet and stress can also alter your pH, causing even your favorite deodorant to lose effectiveness. If this occurs, the natural deodorant gurus at Piper Wai recommend resetting your pH by swabbing your pits with apple cider vinegar before applying your favorite deodorant.

Natural Babe

Get comfortable knowing that some of your natural scents may come through with natural deodorant, and that is okay. Some experts even argue that these subtle scents allow our pheromones to boost our subconscious sex appeal. So pass on products with overpowering “fragrance” meant to mask odor—even too much of some essential oils are too harsh for underarms, particularly on skin made sensitive from shaving.

So embrace your body’s natural process, find a natural deodorant that is pH balanced and fights the stank without masking your pheromone magic, and if you fear the “transition” period, wait until a day off to test drive your new natural deodorant. You’ll be au naturel in no time and never looking back. Get your Mender CBD Deodorant now! Your pits will thank you.