What are CBD gummies good for?

What are CBD gummies good for?

CBD for Stress, Anxiety & Sleep

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 31% of Americans will experience an anxiety disorder. Between living through a global pandemic paired with economic uncertainty and a shortage of therapists, many of us have taken our mental health into our own hands. While CBD is no substitution for a mental health professional (I currently utilize both), CBD gummies have been a lifesaver for myself and Mender customers. And we're not the only ones.

In their paper "Reasons for cannabidiol use: a cross-sectional study of CBD users, focusing on self-perceived stress, anxiety, and sleep problems," Julie Moltke and Chandni Hindocha most significant findings were that "many CBD users reported that CBD could improve sleep problems, stress, and anxiety and be used for general health and wellbeing."

CBD to cut back on drinking

In 2019 an animal study on the effects of CBD on Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and alcohol-related illness showed promising results. This study, among other studies, suggests that CBD may inhibit the compulsion to keep drinking while reducing inflammation in the liver.

These findings are fascinating, and researchers are busy working on expanding upon them to address the growing need for safe ways to treat AUD and, for us, ways to get that calm without the hangover.

Early results point to CBD working to sensitize the motivation to continue drinking—albeit thus far, only mice have found this to be true—but similar human volunteer studies treating substance addictions have yielded similar results.

CBD in your life

The FDA recently released a report in May 2022 demonstrating CBD's safety profile which is great news for the industry and customers. That said, it is crucial to know before trying any ingestible CBD or CBG products they are not intended to treat or cure any disease; please consult your doctor and use caution while pregnant or breastfeeding—we have much more to learn. Use with care, lovelies. And always feel free to reach out with questions! hello@mender.shop