What are CBD Salves Good For?

What are CBD Salves Good For?
You've searched CBD Salve for pain...now what?

Hunter S. Thompson once said, "Life is beautiful and living is pain." And we couldn't agree more.

We formulated a CBD Pain Salve for humans who have lived well in their bodies—as we have. That old martial arts injury lies dormant under my right shoulder blade, just waiting for me to get out of bed wrong. Or the hip that stiffens after prolonged hours at my desk—a souvenir from the time I laid my motorcycle down after hitting a wet patch of fall leaves. Or, honestly, the tired wrist that leads to a kink in my neck after scrolling on my phone. I know you can relate! Live long enough and like me, you will have a fine collection of minor aches and pains. But who wants to hit the "ibus" every day? Not us.

Enter the Mender CBD Pain Salve.

Now, some people like a fragranced CBD in white lotion product. It feels familiar—like all the other white creams we see on the shelves. And often, these products sport big CBD doses—1000mg of CBD isolate per tub. That's cool; it's just not us.

For the love of hemp & all that is good

At Mender, we love hemp so much that we only use organic full-spectrum (whole-plant vs. isolating the CBD molecule) and rely on centuries-old plant wisdom for our formulations. For example, we infuse our CBD Salve with fresh botanicals like arnica, St. John's wort, helichrysum, and willow bark (active ingredient salicin—origin of aspirin). These photos aren't just a staged photo-op; this is the real deal.

Cayenne, turmeric and basil are added to the mix to promote circulation while providing a relaxing tingling feeling. Then your body is primed to make use of the good stuff. With our CBD Pain Salve, you experience an immediate release, followed by a more profound relief 15-20 minutes later.

CBD dosing by design

Our CBD Pain Salve is considered "low potency" as it delivers roughly 3mg of CBD per application (high potency = 8+ mg per recommended application), but that is by design. Our salve is chock full of other medicinal botanicals that work in unison with CBD for an all-natural treatment. Many of these botanicals work, like pepper, clove, rosemary, and copaiba, because they also contain a compound that works on the same receptors in our bodies that CBD works on to reduce pain. It's truly unique!

We tested a variety of CBD mg options on a group of 15 friends before we launched our Pain Salve, and because of its rich and dynamic formula, we found that 50mg per ounce was the sweet spot. Adding more didn't do more, so we stuck with what worked instead of adding more to charge more.

What Well Insiders and Oxygen Magazine say about Mender's CBD Pain Salve

For Acute Pain: Mender Pain Salve Topical CBD relief is a huge category, and it can be tricky to find a product that works on contact, without tons of extra, unnecessary filler ingredients. Mender CBD Pain Salve stands out as providing both fast-acting and long-lasting relief, thanks to its full-spectrum hemp extract and its combination of herbs and essential oils known for their soothing and pain-relief properties. It’s great for both repetitive stress injuries and one-off aches/pains. - Well Insiders

CrossFit + 50 = soreness. A little goes a long way with the Mender organic CBD infused salve. - Oxygen Magazine

Now you don't have to just take our word for it.