What is CBD Massage Oil Good For?

What is CBD Massage Oil Good For?

Close your eyes. Breathe in, hold it, let it go. Let it all go. Feel your hands moving over your skin, gently massaging any sore spots, taking note of any added pleasure points, sending love to those places you may feel critical of. Yeah, spend a moment longer on your tummy, the soft inside of your thigh. Feels good to love yourself, doesn't it?

CBD & science

We know that well-designed and executed scientific studies are the north star of the CBD industry—or they should be, anyway. For all of us who care about staying up on the benefits of CBD, peer-reviewed studies are where it is at. And a lot of us roll in some anecdotal evidence with our "lit review" (that one's for my fellow nerds).

For example, when Shauna Blanch, co-founder of CBD wellness center Color Up, was asked about the benefits of CBD massage, she was quoted in a Weed Maps article as stating, "Our analysis of studies and the anecdotal information we've gathered at our CBD Wellness center suggests that about 30 milligrams of CBD is a good dose to provide pain relief and reduce inflammation during a massage," she said. "However, as an educated massage therapist will tell you, realizing benefits is not only about the amount of CBD. Other ingredients, like hemp seed oil and coconut oil, will make that CBD more bioavailable, while topical ingredients, such as arnica, also relieve muscle soreness and pain."

We love this because we have come to the same conclusion—to optimize the effectiveness of CBD, it needs to be in a bioavailable carrier, and when paired with other pain-relieving botanicals, well, that's a bonus. It's why our CBD Pain Salve contains full-spectrum CBD in an organic coconut oil base infused with arnica, willow bark, and turmeric.


CBD & ritual

But what about the ritual aspect of the CBD massage? The results are less tangible but equally meaningful. We started Mender to pay homage to the beauty, magic, and medicinal cannabis plant. Ritual use of our products is part of our daily lives. 

I run in the early morning, and upon my return, I shower and take several minutes to take inventory of my body as I massage our Body Oil deep into my muscles. I give love to my tummy and hips, soft and lightly striped from growing my son. If I am feeling kind of down on myself, I whisper, hey, beautiful, and I am feeling fine by the end.

We hear stories of couples massaging each other as part of their intimacy ritual, women using our oil to run gentle breast exams on themselves, and some even using our salves to spice things up! I just got a text today from a woman who gave herself a massage and, before getting dressed, danced to Daft Punk in front of her mirror. I could feel the love in her words—for the plant, for herself, for this life.

CBD & love

We love the science, but if you ask any self-respecting cannabis queen, she will tell you, we do it for the love. Every time, we do it for the love. 

Photo credit of self-massage Jennifer Skog @mjlifestyle