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What “Wellness” Means to Us

What “Wellness” Means to Us

This past year and a half has been transformative, and I know I am not alone in being proud and disappointed in what we see in the wellness space. Since we are in it—and a CBD skincare company to boot—I want to share with you where we stand if you're willing. 

Having any part in the cannabis industry is such a ride—the banking, the lack of peer-reviewed research, the confusing regulations—and I know our friends in the THC space experience all this a million times over. In many ways, it feels like the Wild West. And, after decades of prohibition, scientists have just begun working on how cannabis works in our bodies, leaving a lot to learn.

Wellness trends; for better or worse

These types of challenges and opportunities are precisely what most wellness or alternative health companies face. The available science is promising and exciting, but the gaps in that science leave room for misinterpretation, misinformation, and, at worst, exploitation.

Many companies, Mender included, pour their hearts and souls into researching, consulting the experts, and formulating good, clean products that do their intended job. But, unfortunately, others hop on trends to sell products that make big promises for a quick buck, capitalizing on our fears and anxieties—particularly during the pandemic. 

We all want to keep our families safe and healthy during this time. But, unfortunately, it is so easy to fall victim to influencers, peers in social media communities, celebrities, and pop-culture healers who claim to have just the cream/supplement/vitamin to “boost” your immune system or cure a particular ailment. It is easy to lose faith in our institutions, and it is good to turn a critical eye to the powers that be, but there also comes a time when we should consider if what we are choosing is good for just me or good for the collective “we.”

Photo of Chantal, Sales Associate on left and April, Founder on right by Kyla Skinner

The lost pillar of Wellness remembered

Wellness, by definition, has 5-8 pillars, one of which is always community. At Mender, we know that we cannot fully actualize our mission as a company or the individuals who make it up without this last pillar. In a country that preaches self-determination and individual freedom, it does not always come naturally to think this way—but we are trying and putting those efforts into action. 

What does that mean? It means Mender is following all recommended public health safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of not just ourselves, our families, and our customers, but our entire community. It means we care about wellness beyond the catchphrase; it means we care about you.