CBD + CBG Calming Sweets Gummies for Mood

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Crafted exclusively for Mender by an award-winning confectioner, these 1:1 CBD:CBG Calming gummies flaunt California native flavors to express our love of our home, the Golden State. Looking for sleep gummies? Check out our Dream Sweets. 

Texture: Lightly powdered pillowy gummy 

Flavor: Lush, juicy flavors of black currant rolled in savory white sage sugar 

Effect: Clear-headed calm

+ Potent at 25mg of CBG and organic full spectrum hemp-derived CBD fresh from the Tricolla family farm in each CBG gummy (tip: start with 1/2)

+ Packaged in an elegant child-proof tin

+ Mender CBG gummies are for nighttime or daytime relief for adults 18+

+ Black Currants are grown on the first American currant farm, the Walnut Grove Farm (no native currant habitats were harmed during their harvesting)

+ Black Currants are vitamin-rich, containing twice the antioxidants of blueberries, four times the vitamin C in oranges, and more potassium than bananas

+ Manufactured in a GRS registered facility in New York state & tested by a certified lab

+ Mender CBG gummies are vegan friendly & gluten free

+ Read more about the effects of CBG and stress relief on our blog

+ Explore what to expect on how CBD and CBG gummies make you feel on our blog

+ Learn about how CBD can help you drink less on our blog


tapioca syrup, sugar, black currant puree, pectin, cinnamon, sage, hemp extract (CBD), hemp extract isolates (CBG, CBN), MCT oil (coconut oil: caprylic/capric triglycerides), citric acid, sunflower lectin, sodium citrate, potassium sorbate  

As a dietary supplement for adults, take as needed.

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Height 1.00 (in)
CBD + CBG 12mg CBD + 11mg CBG + 2mg CBN
SIZE 12 CBD gummies
FDA DISCOLUSURE The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research.
WARNING Consult a physician before taking. Not intended for those pregnant or breastfeeding. May cause drowsiness—do not operate a vehicle after taking.


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Written by Susie on Feb 27th 2023

Yummy !

These gummies are delicious ….really superior to the competition ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Written by Carlee on Jun 23rd 2022

Look no further!!

I have tried a lot of different types of CBD out there. From tinctures to gummies to multiple brands but noticed zero results. I bought these on a whim one day and waited to use them until I had some anxiety. (For me anxiety comes in the form of a bad stomach ache.) I ate half a gummy and about 15-30 minutes later my stomach ache was totally gone and I felt completely relaxed. I have NEVER experienced results like that from CBD. I was so excited about it I have been telling all my friends and family. 10/10 would recommend! Also the flavor is so unique it makes the experience all the more amazing. My forever go to from now on.

Written by Amy on May 16th 2022


DUDE!!! Those calming sweets! Are FREAKING AMAZING! I’ve had a terrible week and they were exactly what I needed to help me out the last couple days. I take CBD oil daily, but it must be the CBG…it was like CBD on steroids. And I want to eat them all because that flavor is delicious. You all really perfected the taste, it's like candy.

Written by Peaches on May 13th 2022

Good 4 day or nite

I like these because they make me feel chill at work and then I sleep better when I take one before bed. And they are really tasty.

Written by Crystal on May 9th 2022

Yummiest ever!

OMG! These sweets are the yummiest ever! I feel like there should be a dessert with this flavor!!! Awesome job!

Written by Anthony on May 4th 2022


I feel like the gummies are performance enhancing drugs for my brain so I take them when I study and take tests!